Tuface speaks on his hidden pain over women affairs  


If there is any artiste much loved and much mocked, it is Tuface. He has fans across ages and tribes but he was at a time also the butt of harsh jokes by many people.

They picked on him because of the affairs he had with several women, some of which produced children.

What many do not know is that most of the cracks that greeted his story pained him excessively.

An excerpt of an interview Tuface and his wife Annie had with ‘Geneveve’ magazine, as reported by ‘Linda Ikeji’, shows that he was nearly driven into depression.

2face has seven children: two with Annie, two with Sumbo Ajaba-Adeoye and three with Pero Adeniyi.

”Having so many children from different women at such a young age almost sent me into depression. I drank a lot because people laughed at me and called me names. Nobody cared that I was an artiste or that I had worked so hard,” he said.

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