SACKED JOSSE MOURHINO: From hero to zero

Wenger didn’t mention me in his book 'because he never beat me' -Mourinho


Lasun Alagbe

Celebrated  coach, Jose Mourhino has tatted downfall as he has been sacked by Manchester United following the EPL’s 3-1 loss to Liverpool.

His fall is apparently worse than his arch enemy Arsen Wenger, whom he repeatedly mocked at the height of the latter’s downswing.

Articulate but boastful, time has since shut up Mourhino after initial glowing runs that saw him win huge trophies that, many would say, went too deep into his head.

His return to Premier League has been uneventful especially at Man U, where he had ever struggled for reckoning until Liverpool nailed his coffin on Sunday.

Perhaps there is still room for him to pick up elsewhere but life may hardly ever remain the same for him again as he has entered the unenviable hall of shame of coaches that fumbled from hero to zero.

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