Profile of Lagos Rep member who died this afternoon



Lagos has lost one of its representatives in the House of Representatives to the cold hands of death.

The lawmaker, Mr. Abayomi Ayeola, reportedly died at St Nicholas Hospital, Lagos o Sunday afternoon.

Apart from having served in various levels in Lagos, Ayeola had also secured opportunity to contest the House of Rep slot for the third time

In a profile by the Ibeju-Leki Youth Movement, Ayeola was described as a professional teacher who has a first degree in History and International Relations.

He taught in many schools both in Epe and Ibeju Lekki local governments before he voluntarily retired in 1993 and was simultaneously appointed as Supervisor for Education and Social services in the old Ibeju Lekki local government, the position he held until November 1993 when the military junta led by Late General Sanni Abacha took over power through a coup-de-tat.

Ayeola was appointed the chairman Lekki Local Government in October 2003 and later elected as the first executive chairman of Lekki Local Council Development Area under the political umbrella of Alliance for Democracy (AD) in March, 2004.


According to the Ibeju-Lekki Progressive Youth Movement, some of Aiyeola’s achievements are:

Installation of electricity in Lekki LCDA within 100 days in office
Supply of free exercise books to the pupils of Lekki LCDA
Renovation and supply of furniture to both primary and secondary schools in Lekki LCDA
Purchased of Union Bus for Ibeju Lekki NUT.
Poverty Alleviation programme
Empowerment for fishermen
Provision of Portable water
Community Infrastructural program
Support for traditional institution
Primary healthcare program.

On the 9th,April 2011. Hon.ABAYOMI Ayeola was elected as member House of Reps,Ibeju Lekki Federal Constituency under the political umbrella of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

During the 2011 campaign which brought Otunba Abayomi Ayeola into office as member house of Reps,representing Ibeju Lekki federal constituency. He made the following promises before his constituents.
1. Good representation
2. Education support program
3. Poverty Alleviation program
4. Free health mission program.

These are some of the tremendous achievement made by Hon.Ayeola,an unprecedented in the history of Epe Division.

The Ibeju-Leki Youth Movement lists some of Aiyeola’s achievements thus:

Hon Abayomi Ayeola, being an active member of the green chamber of the National Assembly was elected as the Lagos State Caucus Leader, Member house of Reps, Federal Republic of Nigeria. The position held by Hon.Femi Gbajabiamila before he became the Majority Leader. Thus in his capacity, he has sponsored several bills and motions with the most notable ones being:

HB,622 National endowment for arts and literature (Establishment) bill, 2016
HB,972 National Youth Service Corps act (Amendment) bill,2017
HB,1287 Advance fee fraud act (Amendment) bill,2018
HB,1288 National planning commission Act (Amendment) bill,2018
HB,1433 Federal Universities of Technology act (Amendment) bill,2018
HB,1434 Nigerian institute of management act (Amendment) bill,2018.

The need to address the rising level of Job scam in Nigeria
The need to address the rising cases of unlawful arrest and extortion of innocent citizens by men of the Nigeria police force.
Need to stop Nigeria banks from charging insurance fees on loan granted to customers
Need to ensure that all eligible voters are registered and issued with permanent voter’s card (PVC)
The need to probe the 2.8 billion naira fire service appropriation money.
Allegations of corruption in the process of accrediting programmers in Nigerian university and its attendant effect.

In 2012,Hon.Abayomi Ayeola started the distribution of free GCE and jamb forms, with past questions and answers to students seeking admission into the higher institution across the eleven wards within the constituency. Every year,more than 100 people benefit from this programme.

As part of his promises, over 562 men and women, indigene and non indigene were empowered with various tools/machines from 2012 till date; including cash to over 400 women across the 11 wards in the constituency to support their businesses.

In 2013, 2015 and 2017. Over 367 youths were trained and empowered with different tools/machines in various fields which includes: Vulcanizing, Tailoring, Barbing and Hairdressing, after the completion of their 6-12 months training sponsored by Hon.Abayomi Ayeala.

Health,people says is wealth. It’s on record that Hon.Abayomi Ayeola in 2014 embarked on free health mission program on blindness prevention and cataract Operations whereby people were tested and given free eye glasses and operation to the cataract patient. Over 493 people on record benefited from this free health programme.

As part of his promises to the youth of Ibeju Lekki, that when elected, he would support and promote sport within the constituency. In 2013, first Otunba Abayomi Ayeola football competition was organised within the constituency whereby over 396 youths participated. Cash, Trophies, medals and other valuable items were given to winners as the reward for their passions.

He has made tremendous contribution in the area of bringing constituency projects to his communities. Among which include:
1. Community Health Centre, AIYETEJU
2.Construction of 3 Classrooms building at R.c.m AWOYAYA
3. Construction of 6 classrooms building at Community Junior High School,LEKKI
4. Construction of 3 Classrooms building at LABORA
5. Installation of 2.5 KVA transformer at LAKOWE TOWN
6. Solar powered Light at OKUNRAYE TOWN
7. Generator powered borehole at IBEJU TOWN
8. Generator powered borehole at OKEGUN TOWN
9. Solar powered borehole at FOLU TOWN
10. Installation of 2.5kva transformer at Malete Alafia
11. Solar powered borehole at KAYETORO
12. Solar powered borehole at ABULE FOLLY.
13. Solar powered borehole at LAKOWE PHASE 2
14. Solar powered borehole at ORIGANRIGAN
15. Generator powered borehole at MAGBON ILADO
16. Solar powered borehole at SIRIWON
17. Solar powered borehole at MUSEYO
18. Generator powered borehole at EBUTE LEKKI
19. Solar powered light at OTOLU.

  • Abayomi Ayeola lobbied and influenced the building of Epe Division ultra modern Recreation centre, fully equipped with states of the art sporting equipment.



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