Overnight poverty as victims of Abule Egba inferno count losses


The kind of sudden poverty that disasters bring are now the lot of many residents of Abule Egba, Lagos State due to an inferno that broke out around 2am on Tuesday and raged till late morning on Wednesday.

Although no life was lost, the fire outbreak spread immediate hardship and imminent poverty among victims as it consumed property ranging from houses to vehicles, shops, offices and other facilities.

Some 50 automobiles and many houses were lost to the fire.

A resident, who gave his name as Mr. Dele Lawal, said he knew about some people who lost two or more vehicles while some lost more than a building.

“It is a major disaster,” Lawal told phenomenallagos.com. “All of a sudden, people who had cars have nothing again. Those who had houses yesterday have become homeless today. You also know that in the kind of society we live, many people keep money in their homes. Everything is gone. Indeed, many of the people affected have no clothes again – including their children and wards.”

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