Tony Elumelu excites Twitter as he enjoys life in Jamaica


Billionaire owner of UBA, Tony Elumelu, really knows how to enjoy his money.

Apart from being regularly part of billionaire gatherings, that he established the Tony Elumelu Foundation not only knows how he tries to spread prosperity but also how to capture posterity.

Now, it is clear that he loves tourism and reggae music.

Some pictures of his have shown this, with the star banker saying, “Throwing back on a #Tuesday to that epic time that I visited Bob Marley’s house in Jamaica earlier this year. To show just how much I really love reggae, swipe right for a surprise lol. . . Guess which #dancehall artiste will be at HH party on Saturday? #TOEWay #bobmarley #Africapitalism #jamaica #afrobeat #reggae.”

The photographs really depict affluence, fulfilment and everything good – to the extent that some people who have seen them online are not only admiring the man, they are also using his case as a contact point to talk to God.

Some of the comments greeting the photos are ‘Money speaking’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Enjoyment galore’.

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