Mourinho looked miserable in the hands of lion-fighting Liverpool



Dele Abiola

Embattled Manchester United coach, Josse Mourinho, looked daft in most parts of the team’s match against Liverpool, which fought like drugged lions especially in the second half of the game.

Liverpool crowned their Annfield legacy with a 3-1 win, sweetening the hearts of their fans.

It wasn’t funny seeing Mourinho so cold, as he found no answer to Liverpool’s runs.

After ending the first half a goal apiece, the Jurgen Klopp’s boys would not allow any object to prevent them from hitting the net, shooting from all angles.

The continual pummelling paid off as two series of deflection won the day for them.

It was obvious that Mourinho could not wait to see the match come to an end as his boys’ performance could be likened to that of schoolboys in the hands of the better motivated host side.


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