Media executives, police ‘wade into’ husband-don’t-bathe-my-daughter controversy


Lasun Alagbe

The controversy trailing an assertion by a TVC presenter, Morayo Brown, noting that she would not allow her husband to bathe her daughter is still raging.

Morayo has since clarified her statement and apologized to her husband, saying she ery much trusted him and that she meant no harm.

Many people have, however, continued to express divergent opinions on the matter.

In a Facebook post, while a media executive, Goodluck Ebelo, wondered when he could get the time and temperament to say he wants to bathe his daughter, a counterpart of his with ‘The Nation’, Yomi Odunuga, said there was nothing wrong in man bathing his daughter.

As this raged on Facebook, an outspoken police officer, Abayomi Sonuga, has also intervened.

As far as he is concerned, there is a category of husbands that should not be allowed to take a sponge close to their daughters.

He noted, “See the statement (Morayo’s original statement…)  as advice for your husband if he is one having drug/alcohol problems, an  aggressive person, a wife beater, if there is incest in his family, he is unemployed or depends on you.”

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