Iwaya: Mechanic in trouble as thieves remove customer’s Hilux brainbox




Some thieves have inflicted injury on the life of an Iwaya, Yaba-based mechanic as they have stolen the brainbox of a Hilux Toyota in his care.

The man identified by a neighbour as Jimmy is said to have finished work on the vehicle on Wednesday, with the intention to take it to the owner on Thursday.

But, according to his neighbours, when he got to his workshop on Thursday morning, he found out that the windscreen had been broken to create way for the hoodlums who eventually removed the brainbox of the Hilux.

“The vehicle belongs to a company for which Jimmy has been transacting business for long. So, he is struggling hard to replace the brainbox and the windscreen. The brainbox is said to be worth N70,000 while the latter is N15,000,” one of the sympathisers explained to phenomennalagos.com.

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