‘Hakeem requested sex every morning and night’




“If I had listened to my parents’ advice that I should not enter into any marital vows with Hakeem, maybe life would have been pleasant with me today.
It all began when Hakeem started requesting  sexual intercourse from me every morning and night without any particular reason, an act which he was initially not used to.
“Firstly, he took his bath and then rushed me to bed, sleeping with me. Each time he finished with me, I felt weak, subdued, restless and completely shattered physically and psychologically. Until I made the discovery, Hakeem had planted a charm (Tira) under my pillow for two good weeks without my knowledge and I had laid my head on it.

“Then, I reported him at Eleyele Police Headquarter in Ibadan, but he pleaded with the police to prevail on me not to implicate him. He also told my relatives that I lied against him and that I must retract the statement of which I accused him of trying to use me for ritual.

“Worst still, Hakeem derives pleasure in turning me into a punching bag at any slightest opportunity. These and many more are the reasons why I had to pack away from his home since Oct. 27.

“Please save my life from Hakeem because he is spiritually diabolic.”

These were the words of an Ibadan, Oyo State-based woman,  Tawakalitu, who prayed to the Magistrate’s Court in Mapo, in the ancient city, to dissolve his marriage with her husband, Hakeem.

Although the husband noted that she was telling a the President of the court, Ademola Odunade, dissolved the marriage as he noted that it involved a matter of life while it was evident that love had deserted the union.

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