From  ‘Science Student’ like ‘Logo Benz’: Nigerians reject Olamide, Lil Kesh’s new song



Sensational singers, Olamide and Lil Kesh, have sparked the anger of many Nigerians who have listened to a new song they have just released.

They believe that the song titled ‘Logo Benz’ glorifies blood money and ritual killings.

A part of the lyrics that angered the listeners is, “If money no enter i go do blood money” and Nigerians aren’t finding it funny at all.”

Most of the people who reacted to the song on lindaikeji, for instance, strongly condemn the duo in their comments.

The pulse of the reaction is even graver than the one that  greeted ‘Science Students’, another controversial song that Olamide released not long ago.

Below are some of the comments – exactly as copied:

‘So, Olamide and Lil Kesh are just producing music that reflect our society at this point in time just as Fela’s music in Fela’s time.

Lucifa was an angel of music and a lot of people just listen to music bcos of the beats and we dance to it without caring how the lyrics affect us or people we know. I haven’t heard the song before however if the lyrics say that that is ludicrous. In these days our society is affected by poverty and it’s hard for a lot to crawl out of it now this song? Something that make blood money enticing with a youth who is lacking proper role models people who are suppose to be role model are promoting such. Kids with no proper backgrounds with no morals with no hope will take this into consideration. I’m afraid of what the end results might be. Nigeria let’s stand up to such. Let the broadcasting commissioner ban such rubbish.’

BREZZIDENT@OlaTheOG: ‘This “Pata ni logo benz” song is a totally insensitive song.. Infact, if you find it funny, you’re stupid.. Olamide and lil kesh should be banned.. Their desperation to stay relevant has gotten out of hand.’


‘Anybody caught doing rituals after now, should say Olamide and lil kesh made them do it, then the police should go after them. What nonsense! I’m fighting a serious battle in my family because by brother has been exposed to such friends before now and I only suspect this as an encouragement, God forbid. Something drastic needs to be done to these boys because banning the song in Nigeria isn’t enough any longer because of access to the internet. They need to be taught a lesson. The rate of rituals amongst our youths is more than we have ever heard and this might just spur and encourage more youths into this demonic act. I am highly disappointed. The government, parents and decent youths, need to do something about this.’

Elliot Randolph ‘Let me explain who these two are trying to copy: 50Cent and here is 50cent lyrics…IF MY RECORD DONT SELL IMA ROB AND STEAL, YOU BETTER it..but of course 50cent didnt die trying to get rich and of course he never robbed…this was going too far though…i know they will come and say they are trying to do this and that but when it comes to blood money that is a no go..they should have just said they will rob and steal..more forgivable.’


‘Believe your sons and daughter will be disappoint with your lyrics in the future. Hope you won’t cry when they hear you no more. #olamideiswack. Your record label name can tell it all lo.’


‘How did we move from singing “Işé àgbè, işé ilè wa, ęni kò şişè, á mà jalè” to creating songs like “If you no get money, hide your face” and blood money? God save Nigeria.’


‘Just so heart wrenching that some artiste who have to opportunity to put out positive vibe into the society, kill it instead. World’s doomed yo.’


‘Nigerians glorify thrashy people and expect positive things in return. Lol. Sorry, that’s never going to happen. For most of these thrashy ‘rappers’ the mental capacity to produce good lyrics is simply not there.’

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