Fit-as-fiddle Salawa Abeni bounces back in Agege


Akeem Lasisi

Waka Queen, Salawa Abeni, was practically in the seventh sky on Friday night when she performed at the One Lagos Fiesta in Agege.

She was so much in a sunny form that, based on the way she sauntered from one edge of the stage to the other, you would think it was a twenty-something-year-old that was performing.  Yet, Salawa is just a stone’s throw to sixty years. Hyperbole apart, the Epe, Lagos State-born was 57 in May.

She spotted a smartly designed gown that projected her new-found beauty, crowned by her voice that sounded sweeter than ever before.

As she travelled from one of her evergreen songs to the other – including ‘Gentle lady ni mi, emi kii se fighter’ – many of her fans would  gleefully wonder if it wasn’t the same woman who was down with a terrible illness about two years ago.

They would definitely be happy that she has bounced back big time.

Salawa too was very glad as she saluted the spirit behind One Lagos. She gleefully played with the crowd and fulfilled her promise to reward two members of the audience who answered questions she asked them correctly. It was a brisk quiz on her musical legacy.

Interestingly, the Waka Queen’s hip hop singer son, Big Sheriff, joined her on stage, prompting a hippy remix of ‘Gentle lady ni mi’. Sheriff, who commands an enormous size, taunted the crowd with some wise cracks, and occasionally pulled up his dress for the audience to see his chubby belly live.

:”Who hasn’t seen a big belly before?” He asked the yelling crowd.

In all the five centres, the the musical panorama called One Lagos Centre continues to draw huge crowds. Whether in Ikorodu, Badagry, Agege, Epe or Victoria Island, it is featuring musicians from various genres,



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