Court ends marriage of a lazy husband






“Jimoh is a lazy type. He does not do anything for a living and has refused to go out and look for a job. He stays at home from morning till night, sleeping and snoring; you won’t see him struggling to provide at least food for the family.”

These are the words of a woman, Alimot, while pleading to an Igando Magistrate’s Court to end her marriage with a Lagosian, Jimoh.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the wife also accused the husband of running away from home last year.

She added, “He fights me whenever I ask him for money or beg him to look for a job. The 32-year-old mother of one said that her husband had failed in all his responsibilities.

“Jimoh is an irresponsible husband and father. He has never given me a kobo since the inception of our marriage; I have been the one responsible for the feeding, house rent, and paying our child’s school fees. “I was reduced to nothing in spite of the fact that I am a graduate. I was forced to do all manner of jobs just to provide for the family, with my husband caring less or doing anything to arrest the situation.’

The Court President, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, in his judgment, said that it was obvious from available testimonies and the respondent’s refusal to appear in court that the marriage had hit the rocks.

“The fact that the respondent abandoned his matrimonial home for a year without looking back or caring about the survival of his family is an indication that the marriage has broken down beyond retrieval.

“Throughout the duration of this case, the respondent refused to honour court processes, therefore, the court has no other choice than to dissolve the marriage,” he said.


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