Traffic chaos takes over Lagos-Ibadan Expressway



The agony faced by users of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway lingered on Thursday as hundreds of thousands of people were stuck in gridlock.

The worst end remained the Wawa-Aseese area of Ogun State, where Julius Berger cut the road in a way that many people have described as indiscriminate and unintelligent.

Road users often compare the way RCC divides the part of the road it is handling to the way Berger does its, with the suggestion that the first is wiser and more considerate than the latter.

Motorists going towards Ibadan experienced hell from morning till night as the gridlock suffered on Wednesday dragged overnight.

There are fears that things will get worse as Yuletide and New Year approach, making people to wonder how the Nigerian government is handling the road considered the most important in the country.


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