Banky W lambastes opponents as his posters are destroyed

Bank W


Some people are subjecting singer-turned-politician, Banky W to a baptism of fie as far as his ambition to become a federal lawmaker is concerned.

He noted, with pictures, that his posters are being destroyed in some parts of Lagos but he has vowed that the struggle continues

He fingered some opponent whom he lambasts for descending so low.

He said in a post, “It cost my team and I sooo much in money, time, and effort to put our posters up in the community. So you can imagine how demoralising it feels to wake up today and find out that supporters of my opponents went around overnight, tearing my face out of some of them.

“Just plain sad. Are y’all that scared or angry about what we represent, that you must descend to this level? It is well. God dey. We keep pushing. At least they can’t tear the poster from everyone who has helped put it up online (God bless you). And hey, at least they left the party name and logo… That’s kuku what I need people to remember.

“The Modern Democratic party is not just a political party platform. MDP is a movement. No matter how they try to stop or silence us, the movement continues. We can do this if we do it together.
“#StrongerTogether #MDP #Hope19 #etiosa #Houseofrepresentative.”




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