At 30, Bukola Arugba sings song of joy



Popular actress, Bukola Awoyemi, otherwise known as Arugba, is attesting to the goodness of the Lord in her life as she clocks 30 today.

She launched into the Nigerian movie scene about a decade ago when talent discovery machine, Tunde Kelani, featured her in his film, ‘Arugba’, a dramatisation of the votary maiden tradition of the Osogbo people.

After giving  a good account of herself in the film, there has been no stopping the Kwara State-born as she has not only taken part in several other movies, she has also produced some three of hr own, starting with ‘Igba n ba Jo’ – At a Time I Should be filled with Joy’.

Releasing some of her birthday photos this morning, Arugba says, “ Oh LORD I am VERY VERY GRATEFUL for all YOU have done for me, oh LORD I am VERY VERY GRATEFUL I say THANK YOU JESUS 🎶 🎺 Emi o mon o, 2ce, ogon gonna, o gon gon, ibiti ti n ba to mope mi wa, HALLELUYAH 🎶 🎺 ehehe , 🎶 HALLELUYAH 🎶 🎺 ehehehehehehhe, shout HALLELU 🎶 🎺 HALLELU HALLUYAH 😀🥁🎺 🎶 HALLeLUYAH 🎶 🎺 heheheh🎶 🎺 👏 happy birthday to me.”

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