Ali Baba mocks police over assault on Gideon Okeke




Seasoned comedian, Ali Baba, has fired a gun of satire at the Nigerian police over the allegation of brutality against actor Gideon Okeke.

In a post on Instagram, he mocks them with style, depicting them as wicked beings.

He says, “What is wrong with this boy sef? So because you are popular you think we cannot deal with you? You are lucky we didn’t shoot you. Or even plant a gun in your car. Nonsense!. You want a good country abi? Why not relocate? Because we the police and all the other agencies, we rule this place.

“How dare you? Let this be a note of warning to you and all of the other celebrities, don ever cross our paths. We have no joy. We are above the law. You want to go report to our superiors? That’s just laughable! Who sent us?

“Let me tell you and all these other celebrities and instagram noise makers, who think they are beyond man handling, we have done worse and nothing happened. Is it not the police who will prosecute the case? And we will sacrifice our own because you are who? If you like shoot a movie out of it. You will remain a civilian and we can bloody you anytime. Bloody civilian! You are posting video of you getting stitches… so what? It could have been you in a casket!

“Oh! By the way, you’re waiting for our superiors to punish us? Do you wanna bet? That nothing will happen? And all your tagged friend will tag along soon? Because the police is your friend. Can you imagine if we were your enemy?
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