Agege people don’t snatch musicians’ necklaces – Saheed Osupa at OLF



Olu Abiola

Master composer, Saheed Osupa, acorded Agege fans absolute trust on Monday night when he performed at the ongoing One Lagos Fiesta.

The highly energetic performer thrilled the crowd who kept dancing and applauding him.

At a point, he jumped down from the stage and joined the yelling crowd, with only a feeble barrier between them.

The fans surged forward as he moved from one song to the other, effortlessly reeling out very sensational and culturally rich lines.

Some of them would not mind jumping onto his chest as they sought to embrace him.

At that moment, security officials felt uncomfortable and tried to push the guys back.

They felt that some of them were attempting to snatch his necklace.

But Osupa urged the officials to leave them.

He said, “Leave them. Agege people don’t do that. They won’t take my necklace.”

And the fans really lived up to that expectation as they continued to swirl round the musician until he found his way back to the stage.

And his trust in the Agege fans was not in vain: He left the show with his jewelry intact.