In search of twins



December 2 promises to be a memorable one for twins as a group has decided to celebrate them in Lagos.

It will hold the first edition of the ‘Ibeji Day’. The organisers say in a statement, “Are you a biological twin – or so closely twinned with another that you are often mistaken for twins?  Then you are heartily invited to join in the maiden edition of the annual Ibejii Day celebrations scheduled for December 2, 2018 in Lagos.

“Ibejii Day is a celebration of the uniqueness and celebrity of twins, and provides an opportunity to share this unique experience with others.
“The maiden edition will be an evening of food and fun, including live music and story chatter – and will feature twins from diverse generations.

“REGISTER:  If you are a twin – or know a twin that might be interested in an invite – then reserve a place by sending a DM to @Ibejiimusic on Twitter or IG – or an email to [email protected].”

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