Lawyers want enhanced judicial system in 2018


Some Lagos-based lawyers on Thursday harped on the need for the
judiciary to embrace Technology so as to enhance speedy dispensation
of justice.
The lawyers said that it was imperative for technical and electronic
gadgets to be made available in the courtrooms.
This, according to them, will foster effective and timely justice delivery.
A crusader for indigent prisoners, Mr Anthony Makolo, spoke on the
need for an automation of courtrooms so as to fast-track proceedings.
“We expect that the ongoing efforts to cleanse the judiciary of
corrupt judges will continue.
“There should also be a modernisation and automation of courtrooms by
providing electronic devices for the recording of proceedings.
“The traditional method of taking down proceedings in longhand has
always delayed the judicial system,’’ Mokolo said.
He also called for robust interactions between the bench and bar,
adding that more emphasis should be placed on timely justice delivery.
Also, a Constitutional lawyer, Mr Spurgeon Ataene, underscored the
need for the judiciary to be more vibrant in justice delivery.
He added that electronic devices would facilitate the smooth operation
of the system.
“The world is going digital and our judiciary should not be left out.
“If we adopt the effective use of information technology, cases will
be better handled and justice will be speedily dispensed,’’ Ataene
The constitutional lawyer, however, commended the Lagos State
Government for introducing electronic filing of cases and advised
other states to follow suit.
Another Lagos-based lawyer, Mr Emenike Nnoromele, stressed the need
for speedy disposal of cases, adding that ICT would help enhance the
He advocated for a fearless judiciary, which adhere strictly to the rule of law.
Nnoromele added that adherence to the rule of law would fast track
national development.
According to him, the judiciary must restore public confidence in the
courts by eliminating all forms of corruption and rot in the system.
He urged the National Judicial Council to ensure the provision of
automated devices in the courtrooms to ensure quick dispensation of

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