‘The place of a woman is in the kitchen’ is a European proverb – Seun Kuti

Afro beat singer, Seun Kuti, has said that Africa has never relegated its women.

He said they had always been provided active roles, saying the proverb, ‘The place of a woman is in the kitchen’ was unAfrican but European.

He said in an IG post,
“A woman’s place is in the kitchen? Which kitchen? Whose kitchen? Not our ancestors kitchen! This proverb is European without any equivalent in any African language. So before you start attaching your toxic masculinity to African culture ask yourself this, do I know African culture? As an African what culture practices of African heritage do I engage in? Religion education liberation?

“If the answer is none, how come u want to suddenly become African to subjugate and oppress your woman? Ain’t no such thing as half way crooks. You are either African or u aren’t , there is no picking and choosing especially when you want to dump ur toxic self on our women. REAL AFRICANS ELEVATE THE FEMININE FORM.”


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