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NEWS - July 12, 2017

Flooding: Ambode emphatises with those who lost property

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, has emphatised with people who lost property to the flooding that parts of Lagos witnessed in the past few days.
He noted on Monday that his administration was prepared to solve the recurrent issue of flooding in a pragmatic manner.
He said, “If we have learnt anything in the ongoing flooding of some parts of the state, it is that there is an immediate, even urgent need for us to embark on a review of our canals and drainage systems.
“This must be pursued hand-in-hand with a clear water management system. So, in effect, what we should immediately pursue is a holistic solution to what is certain to be a recurring problem. It must be a sincere collaboration between government and the citizenry.”
The governor spoke at a sensitisation workshop on water management and environmental control held at Renaiscance Hotel, GRA, Ikeja, which is a prelude to a Water Technology and Environmental Control (WATEC) exhibition holding in Israel later in the year,.
The governor said aside from the fact that the issue of flooding was not peculiar to the State or Nigeria as it was a global phenomenon, but that urgent steps are being taken to tackle the challenge in a holistic manner and protect the State from future re-occurrence.

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