Why I want to kill myself – Lagos woman rescued from suicide


A woman rescued from suicide in Lagos on Thursday has explained the circumstances that pushed her into the act.

The woman, Bukola Agbola, a resident of the Abule Egba area of the state, said she was facing hell from her husband, Was Agboola.

In a story published in ‘The Vanguard’, she said:
“Receiving all forms of maltreatment from my husband, who often beats me up any time of the day got to me and I decided to rent an apartment just to safe myself from untimely death. Having reported to his father who did not subscribe to his attitude, he advised me not to leave my children with him so as not to make them suffer as no adequate care will be given to them.

“I managed to raise some fund through the sale of bottled engine oil, but when my husband left no money for us to feed, I had to break my save to buy them some foodstuffs. I decided to commit suicide when I gave it a thought that I cannot go any further in that kind of situation so I drank sniper out of frustration.

“I am tired of the relationship and have reported the issue to the person who is left as my mother since my biological parents died. Unfortunately, she is visually impaired and could not prevail on my husband. I am in a tight corner and just need a break”, she lamented.”

Lagos State Police Commissioner, Hakeem Odumosu


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