‘My girlfriend refused to have sex with me. I gave her just three blows and she fell and died’


A 26-year-old man, Shagbada Erigga, has been explaining how he killed his girlfriend because she refused to have sex with her.

Erigga is in the custody of the Oyo State Police Command, saying she did not intend to kill the lady called Happiness Winnifriend.

Here is how he painted the picture of the incident (sic):

“On that faithful day of the incident, we were showering together and I asked her the reason she has been denying me of sex but she was raising her voice on me and I slapped her and to my surprise, she slapped me back and I gave her just three blows at the mouth and another one on her neck. Next thing I knew, she fell slumped and died.

When I discovered that she has died, I quickly carried her corpse and threw her inside a well in my compound because I was afraid and I didn’t want people to suspect me that I responsible for her death.

But a few days later, her corpse was discovered by my neighbour who wanted to use the well and he reported the case to the police and I was arrested.

I regret my actions. I don’t have intentions to kill her. She used to be my girlfriend. She had told me that she is a runs girl, that she already had three kids and I said no problem, and I promised to take her as my wife before that misunderstanding came up between both of us,.”


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