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In ‘The Edge’, Naija man in America lends his wife to a cousin, then there is trouble

… ‘The edge’ premieres this Friday

Akeem Lasisi

What are cousins for? They may just be there to help one another even where other people desert one. This, perhaps, is the principle that Bolu follows to the letter when he chooses to help his cousin, Segun, in a grand way in the God’s own country called America.

Like many other Nigerians, Segun finds his way to the United States, with a desire to stay – although he has no ‘paali’, that is, papers, yet. A lady in which he invests hope soon kicks him out, leaving him at the edge of jail or deportation.

It is at this moment that he meets a cousin of his, Bolu (Bayo Alawiye) who, after much consideration, agrees to ‘lend’ him his wife, Joke (Ayo Made; the couple are legally resident in America) to temporarily be his own (Segun’s) spouse to facilitate his papers. Along the line, however, something leads to something and trouble erupts not only in the US but also in Nigeria where the immediate families of both parties leap into a battle close to the the Third World War.

This is part of the intrigues that await viewers in ‘The Edge’, a new movie by Joseph Jaiyeoba, which will be released online on Easter Friday – specifically on Apata TV on Youtube. Directed by Bayo Alawiye, the film largely set in the US features Jaiyeoba himself as Segun, while also on parade are stars such as Rachael Oniga, Yemi Solade and Bayo Alawiye.

Others in action in ‘The Edge’ include Shabazza Ahmed, Ayo Made, Adebusola Adewunmi, Nadia X, Dele Olanipekun, Yewande Ogunsanya, Yomi Samson, Bosun Hassan, Orlando Oguntoyinbo and Tunde Omiyewo.
Others playing different roles are Yomi Samson, Breana Kelly and Hector Flores. Fans of the late Hnerietta Kosoko will also have her memory renewed in the course of watching ‘The Edge’ as she is Segun’s mother, indicating that the movie really fermented before seeing the light of premiere.


Jaiyeoba explains that he feels fulfilled that ‘The Edge’ shows a remarkable improvement over his earlier movies such as ‘Poinson’ and ‘Adia’.

“Many have, for instance, appreciated our picture quality and other aspects of the technicals,” he says. “So, a compete exciting experience awaits film lovers.”

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