Toyin Abraham to cyberbullies: I’m ready to die but you too will


Following persistent  dragging and threats by trolls, actress Toyin Abrahams has said she is ready to fight back.

She says she would not mind if she loses her life in the course of it, but vows that her bullies too will not live.

Some have been on her neck following her democratic choice in supporting President Bola Tinubu during the last election.

She has also reported some to the police, a move that has further enrages some of her critics.

Responding to recent trolls, she, in a live video vows: ‘’You can’t accuse me wrongly and expect me not to say anything. I will not arrest anyone’s mum. I never arrested anyone’s mother. It is a different thing when you commit a crime. It is a different thing when you are a criminal, you do something bad and people are dragging you and you know you have done something bad. I have not committed any crime. I have only exercised my democratic rights and they keep b#llying me. I came on social media to beg everybody to leave me the hell alone.

“You guys that are b#llying me, I am ready to d!e but before I d!e, I am ready to d!e but a lot of you b#llies, we will d!e together. I have kept quiet. You guys have pushed me to the wall I am now a mad person. I want to d!e”, she said.



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