Tony Elumelu’s tricky perspective on talent

ECOWAS to drive migrations – Elumelu
Tony Elumelu

UBA’s big man, Tony Elumelu, is reflecting philosophically about talent.

Many would believe he is a great talent when it comes to business management, yet, he claims he doesn’t have such – talent.

The tricky side, however, is that he has what he concedes he does not have – but in an indirect way.

According to him, all he knows is how to attract talented folks to get the business done.

That itself, sages would argue, is a fundamental talent: the ability to attract functional talents.

Of course, being witty is also a gift as he demonstrates in this post on Monday:

“Talent I don’t have, I surround myself with people who have it. You must recognise your limitations but make sure you are intelligent enough to support yourself with those who are better, those who are more intelligent in that area than yourself.”


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