Tinubu would still have been President without Toyin Abraham’s support – Tacha


Reality TV star, Tacha, has suspected naivety on the part of those bullying popular actress, Toyin Abrahams, because she supported President Bola Tinubu during the 2023 election.

She says it is not right because everyone had right to the political choices.

Besides, she adds, Tinubu would still have got to office without Toyin’s support.

Reacting to the current heat Toyin is facing in the hands of those the actress has described as cyber-bullies, Tacha argues in a post on Wednesday:

“Personally, I don’t understand the constant bullying of someone for picking their candidate of choice. In the same way, you have picked your choice of candidate, everybody has the right to pick their choice of candidate. The same way you saw qualities in your candidate is the same way that other people saw them.

“I really don’t understand the constant, steady bullying based on the candidate she chose to support. Let’s not act naive… If you write a petition to the police and the person that you’ve written the petition against refuses to honour the police invitation, they will pick him up. This has nothing to do with whether Toyin Abraham is a public figure or not, or if you’re just a regular citizen..

“You people are the same people who dragged the Nigerian police for not taking Mohbad’s petition seriously; now they are taking it seriously and you are saying that they are using the Nigerian police.

“Now with everyone dragging Toyin Abraham, I want to know what her impact was on last year’s election. Would our president still be our president without Toyin Abraham? Yes!!”


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