Love and protect yourself before allowing any man into your life – Caroline Danjuma counsels women


Popular actress, Caroline Danjuma, has counselled women on how to protect themselves against exploitation by men.

She says a women should first love and protect herself before opening the way to any man.

Parts of this, according to her, are financial and mental security.

Amid controversies sparked by troubled relationships, Danjuma – whose marriage has also been affected by turbulence – notes in an IG post:  “As a woman living in Nigeria, as long as that man is assumed to be richer than you, he will always be right

“Plot twist – get yourself well developed, financially, spiritually and mentally secure.

“Then you can be able to give yourself to a man who is kind, loving and caring and loves you the way you deserve.

“Love and protect yourself well enough to know exactly whom and what to let into your space and soul.

“Don’t rush into anything, so you don’t rush out of it or stay in it while dying in sorrow”, she wrote.

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