I don’t lie in my love songs – Victony


Lasun Alagbe

Rising artiste, Victony, has said that he does not lie in his love songs.

He, however, concedes that he does not understand what love is yet.

The 23 year old singer, in a recent appearance on the podcast, ‘Is This Seat Taken’ presented by Chinasa Anukam, revealed that as a young man, he is still trying to understand love.

He said, “I’m a young man; I’m figuring it out. I’m still trying to know what it means; I’ll put it that way. ‘What does love mean? What does it mean to be in love?’ I’m still asking myself those questions. So, when I’m with a girl, I ask myself, ‘Am I in love or not?’”

Chinasa also inquired about when he had last kissed someone. Victony laughed and responded:

“You’re intruding into my privacy. I have not kissed anyone this year, so maybe last year in December.”

When questioned if he lies in his love songs, Victony replied:

“With the love songs? Not too often; I don’t even lie because every time I make a love song, that’s how I feel in that moment toward someone. I may feel different the next day because I don’t know if it’s love or not.”

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