Falz identifies 3 values he wants in a lady


Amid pressure by his parents to get married, rapper and activist, Falz, has identified the main values she wants in a woman.

This is despite the fact that he says he is not yet ready to settle down.

Indeed, Falz says he has not been in any relationship since 2008.

In an interview on Beat FM’s ‘Morning Rush Show’, he said one were the days he was after things light big breasts and light skin.

His mindset now is about  the lady’s aura,  energy and swag.

Falz emphasised that he’s no longer interested in superficial qualities like skin tone or physical attributes but is now drawn to a woman’s swag, energy, and overall vibe.

“What attracts you to a young lady the most?” she asked

He explained: “The aura, the energy, the swag. When I say the aura, I don’t mean that loosely; I’m coming from a realm where I thought I liked light-skin babes or babes with big breasts and other fickle things. I’m in a realm where it’s not about that, now it’s about the kind of energy you ooze.

“My last relationship was in 2008; I was 18 years old precisely. It’s not like I’m running away; it’s just been like a rollercoaster, a couple of different things for a couple of different reasons. It keeps changing, and I just haven’t felt ready.”

When asked if he’ll be ready for a relationship soon, he hinted that the “gold era” might bring new possibilities.

“Do you feel like you’re going to be ready anytime soon? As you’re blossoming into Mr Gold?” Bibi Rai probed further.

“You never know; maybe the gold era is the era,” Falz responded

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