Defamation: I would have been in deep trouble if Sam Larry did not pardon me – Portable


Almost for the first time, controversial artiste, Portable, is sober and preaching caution in online outburst.

He is using his recent alleged defamation case against Lagos socialite, Sam Larry, as an example, saying he would by now still be in deep trouble if he did not pardon him after much begging.

Following the controversial death of ‘Peace’ singer, MohBad, Portable had dished Larry, who was, alongside his artiste friend, Naira Marley, accused of possibly contributing to the demise.

Portable was, however, recently arrested and flown to Abuja, according to a hint he gave in a new video.

He said his saving grace is that the Inspector General of Police is his fan.

Yet, he said, Naira Marley came to his rescue, adding that he would still have been in trouble if Larry did not pardon him.

He said (STET) : “I have a story to tell. You see, in this life, we will fight. But let’s try to always forgive ourselves. I pray I won’t fight someone who will not forgive me. They said they should go and drop me in Abuja. So I started crying, prostrating, and calling for help.

“Some of you look for trouble, talk about me, and insult me online first. But when I just mention your name, you will write a petition against me for defaming you but you know you started it. You almost set me up. I got help. I begged, prostrated, and cried there. They listened to my cry. We are not fighting each other. It is the business. For artists, it is normal to write diss tracks. So if I insult you, it is nothing serious. I just did it because you wronged me. Thankfully, the Lagos IG is my fan if not… They said I should be dropped.”

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