You don’t need to know anybody to get student loan – Minister


The Minister of State for Youth Development, Mr Ayodele Olawande, has assured students that they do not need to ‘know anybody’ before they can have access to student loan.

According to him, every student who observes the laid down procedure is entitled to it.

This is as he said it was in fulfilment of President Bola Tinubu’s “Renewed Hope Agenda” to carry the youths along.

He said that with the scheme, undergraduates would no longer drop out of school because of financial difficulties.

”If the president said a child will not drop out of school because he or she is not able to pay school fees, I think that is a very big plus for the ministry.’’

‘The News Agency of Nigeria’ reports that Olawande advocated for enabling environment for young people to thrive and achieve their goals in life.

According to him, the country has more than 60 per cent of young people; hence, with enabling environment much can be achieved.

The minister said that the ministry was making critical decisions and suggestions while the president made sure they were put into action.

Olawande said that the scheme had an agency and a chairman.

He said that students could access the portal at

“You don’t need to know anybody;   just go and apply.

“They will put it together; send it to the school and it will be sorted out so that one can study properly and pass the exam.’’

According to him, the loan is for students in public tertiary and technical institutions.

Olawande said that everything must not be just education because the country had gotten to the stage were skills was needed.

“China, India, U.S. and others are successful because of the skills the citizens have.

“The government is not saying that everything must be university, polytechnic tertiary institution, it must also go to the technical schools so that the person can have one or two skills.

“Most of the foreigners they bring to Nigeria to come and work which we call graduates are not graduates; they are technicians,” he said.

According to him, in every ministry and parastatals, young people are found there; so, most of the decisions government makes still boils down on the youth.

NAN reports that the student loan, which is being implemented at present, is part of the Higher Education Access Act, assented to by Tinubu in June 2023.

In February, the Act was returned to the National Assembly for a complete overhaul and was passed again and assented to by the president.

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