Waiting for Tems’ soccer team


Other things being equal, Nigeria may soon welcome a new football team.

It is not one to be floated by a governor or a Dangote, but by reigning artiste, Tems.

She says she is considering founding a female soccer team to crown her passion for sports.

The Grammy-winning singer announced her dream in a YouTube podcast hosted by Chinasa where she revealed her vision to create opportunities and inspire young women through sports.

She sees her team participating in regional competitions, which she believes will benefit the Nigerian women’s league.

Tems enthused: “I love sports. I love sports, but if I could play football, I would. I’m like a football fan.

“I want to start a female football team. I think it is something that is needed. Like, why can’t we just have something like a local tournament with the girls? I feel like it would be fun.”

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