Social media has made us forget that most people are not our agemates – Sabinus

Oga Sabinus

Lasun Alagbe

No matter how funny Sabinus is, he surely has his moment of deep reflection and seriousness.

He is indeed capable of being angry and eager to pointedly correct bad behaviour.

For now, he is warning whoever cares to listen that life neither started on social media nor will it end with it.

He seems to be angry at how many throw insults at others, especially in the context of how Very Dark Man verbally assaulted actress Iyabo Ojo, who is much older than her.

VDM had gone as far as accusing Ojo and her daughter of sleeping with the same man just for money.

This followed the spark caused after VDM tried to downgrade Ojo’s status at the wedding of star artiste, Davido, and Chioma.

Expressing his mind via instastory, he noted (SIC): “Social media don really make us forget say most people are not our age mates, no matter what always remember respect is reciprocal and we have a life after social media no respect again Kai.”

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