Repeated miscarriages: Woman kidnaps herself in Ogun for fear of husband’s reaction

Raheemat and husband, Ogunbunmi

In what may be interpreted as travails of motherhood, a hitherto pregnant woman due for delivery has kidnapped herself in Ogun State.

The woman,  who was initially reported to have been kidnapped on her way to the hospital to give birth, was found in Ilorin, Kwara State, after staging her own abduction out of fear.

Her husband, Ogunbunmi Lateef, had reported the alleged kidnap to the police in Abeokuta.

However, on Monday, June 24, police disclosed that Raheemat had fled to Kwara State to avoid her husband’s fury after having a miscarriage.

It was said that she was frustrated due to repeated miscarriages and had cooked up the kidnap story.

But the police spokesman, Omolola Odutola, on Monday while giving an update on the incident, said Raheemat was found in Kwara State with her father. She stated that the command’s Anti- kidnapping unit had begun tracking her, till she showed up.

Odutola said: “Rahemat Lateef who the husband reported abducted, was never abducted, but planned her journey to Kwara State, to escape the wrath of her husband, because she has remained unlucky due to miscarriages.

“She planned the stories; she travelled to Kwara State herself, she was not kidnapped. She had a miscarriage, frustrated due to repeated reoccurrences, feared her husband’s reaction, she orchestrated the script. The anti kidnapping team had started tracking her, till she showed up.

“She is under medical observation, and safe.”

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