Osimhen, èwo ni t’èpè? Meaning of Yoruba invocation Super Eagles star unleashed on trolls over Finidi


Lasun Alagbe

Super Eagles’ forward, Victor Osimhen, has let loose a strong Yoruba curse from his arsenal.

The footballer lost his cool in a IG video shared on Saturday, pouring venom on those criticising him over the failure of the Eagles under Finidi George.

His action would remind online birds of the experience of popular broadcaster and Agidigbo FM boss, Oriyomi Hamzat, who could also not hold back such negative words after he was provoked by those dragging him over the controversy surrounding Ibadan-based Pastor Agbala Gabriel’s fiasco with the latter’s estranged charity beneficiary, Muyideen.

So fierce were Hamzat’s words that he not only later apologised for losing his temper on air but he also deleted the video and urged everyone having it to help thrash it.

In the case of Oshimen, he told his critics over Finidi: ‘B’álálẹ́ bá ní kó dáa fún yín, aláàárọ̀ kò ní jẹ́!”

Haba! Literally speaking, the statement means ‘If the Owner on the Night favours you, Owner of the Morning will disapprove of it’.

Hmm! One can only hope that he too will retrieve the curse when the dust settles.

In Yoruba, ‘epe’ means curse. So, when a policeman curses an accused instead of simply arresting him, folks will ask proverbially: ‘Ọlọ́pàá, èwo n t’èpè? Ọ̀lọ́pàá, èwo n t’èpè? Amúni ń j’ámúni. Èwo ni ‘Oò ní bọ́ ńbẹ̀?” This  means .Policeman, why curse the accused. It is natural to arrest someone. But why curse him that he will never survive the problem?’

Meanwhile, Oshimen, in the post, gave details of his efforts to show Finidi love and respect.

He said:  “I knew things like these would happen and that’s why I have the videos and screenshots of when I called Finidi while I was with the doctor in Germany.

“I got injured in our (Napoli’s) last game against Lecce and I went to the MRI scan. And I called Finidi there for him to listen to the doctor too.

“I’m not addressing anything, everybody knows I play my heart out whenever I’m playing for the club or national team. I’ll share the screenshot and videos of my conversation with Finidi for the sake of those believing what Finidi said.

“I’ve lost respect for that man because before I disrespect anybody, I always respect them.”

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