Oreagba: Ojude Oba star speaks on the tattoo on his body


Talk-of-the-town hero of the 2024 Ojude Oba Festival, Farooq Oreagba, has given his perspectives on the tattoo on his body.

In spite of the expansive accolades he is receiving for the elegance he exuded during the festival, some have questioned the place of tattoos in a cultural setting as Ojude Oba.

Speaking on ‘Arise TV’ on Sunday, the Managing Director of NG Clearing and former Member of the Derivatives Product Advisory Committee of the Nigerian Stock Exchangeh  said the marks held significant meaning to him and that he had had them for years; hence, they were not curated for the Ojude Oba event.

He explained: “People talk about my tattoos; I’ve had tats for years, and I’m very particular about them. I try to make sure that I don’t have a tattoo on my face and that my sleeves are down when I’m in corporate mode.

“Here’s the famous tattoo,” he said, showing his arm, “it says, ‘I live each day as if it were my last. So don’t judge me.’ That says, ‘Only God can judge me,’ he said.

He further explained that he has other tattoos for his kids, some indicating the moment when he had lots of friends. “I’ve got ‘Ride or die.’ These were not curated; they’ve been there for years.”

Discussing the importance of the Ojude Oba, Oreagba described it as a family tradition spanning generations that showcases their heritage and identity.

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