I have to see the wife in a lady before relating with her – Layi Wasabi



Elijah Adebero

Reigning comedian, Layi Wasabi, has said that he does not begin friendship with any lady unless he first sights a wife in her.

According to him, he is not a fan of having a girlfriend.

The award-winning content creator said he preferred to start a romantic affair with courtship.

In a recent interview as a guest on a podcast ‘Is This Seat Taken?’, hosted by Chinasa Anukam,he  said: “I don’t believe in the concept of a girlfriend. I believe in partnership. I don’t believe in that phase of girlfriends. I start with courtship.  I have to see the wife in the person from the beginning.”

The AMVCA award winner, who disclosed he has been on dates four times, also revealed his preference for tall women.

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