I have 3 beautiful daughters. I don’t hate women —- Nedu


Elijah Adebero

Popular media personality, Nedu, has rejected a claim by actress Yvonne Jegede that he dislikes women based on his past experiences.

Yvonne made the claim after being hosted by Nedu (podcast) and she had to retract some thisngs she said about some other women.

She felt she was somehow pressured to go that far.

Nedu, who hosts the podcast called ‘The Honest Bunch,’ clarified that he had three daughters and a female manager.

He also emphasised that the majority of the people in his life were women. Therefore, the accusation that he hates women is completely false.

Speaking in a message shared via his Instagram page, he said, “In the past episodes [of The Honest Bunch podcast], I must have said some things that upset a few people that has led to some of you saying I hate women.

“I don’t hate women. I don’t. My manager is a woman, I’ve got three beautiful daughters, and pretty much everyone around me is a woman. So I don’t know where all that thinking is coming from.”




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