How Lagos is simplifying vehicle licence renewal



By Uche Nnadozie

Like in every other public sector reform, Lagos State is again leading in auto registration or renewal  procedure. This time, the state is leveraging technology in making auto licence renewal even much easier and simpler; thereby allowing vehicle owners to focus on other things rather than wasting man hours chasing after agents or civil servants.

Through the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA), an agency under the Ministry of Transportation, Lagos has announced – and is indeed ensuring – that all categories of vehicles licences’ renewal can be completed via a dedicated online portal.  This revolution is being executed through the private-sector backed Autoreg.

It is just a click away as residents and non-residents alike remove long waiting hours from their bucket list of activities in the city that never sleeps. Queues, fights, abuses and disappointments, which used to characterise vehicle renewal has since been removed from Lagos government offices. With the democratisation of access through the birth of Autoreg years ago in Lagos, vehicle owners or fleet managers could easily walk into any of the hundreds of agents around the state to get their renewals and fresh registration done.

As if that was not enough, the state has gone a notch further by making it safe and seamless for vehicle owners to do this task from the comfort of their devices at home, road or work places. The step-by-step approach of renewing your vehicle (whatever type) licence begins with visiting the website, signing up, entering your official registration number, then clicking on search.

By clicking on search a mail will be sent to your email, then login, click on renew, select the services to pay for.  After payment you will need to visit any licence station to have your printout. The good thing is that you can download the soft copy as alternative.

I recall when vehicle registration and renewal were a bore. Tasking owners to waste man hours on passing files like bucks in dingy government offices. Now, not just that such “dingy” offices no longer exist, boredom is not a virtue you find Lagosians indulge in. The state government has shown capacity to think outside the box and solve everyday problems with simple procedures.

In the Babajide Sanwo-Olu administration, to say that the Governor has mastered the sure-footedness of his innovative predecessors is saying the obvious. His knack to take it several points higher is what has made him a real 21st century thinker and leader. Indeed the state is imbued with excellent public sector reformers and performers, little wonder it is the seventh largest economy in Africa. No doubt, recent reforms like this by MVAA and others in other sectors coupled with the provision of life changing  infrastructure will continue to improve the state’s rating in all indices in a few years to come.

For your vehicle licence renewal, visit: and follow the prompts.

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