Finidi George speaks on Monday match against Benin Republic

File photo: Some players of the Super Eagles

Super Eagles Coach, Finidi George, has spoken about his plan for the match they have against  Benin Republic on Monday.

It is needless calling the game crucial now since all they have to play in the World Cup qualifiers remain so based on their precarious position on the chart currently.

Interestingly, Finidi’s opponent is former Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr, who is Benin’s coach.

His thinking is that the Super Eagles have to combat the foes with the mindset with which they played South Africa in the second half on Friday.

He said, “That doesn’t change anything. If he knows the players, doesn’t know the players, it’s Benin, the players that he had before they are still around, that means he should be fearful. If he knows the players so well and he has coached them, he should know they are a bunch of good players that we have in the national team,” Finidi said.

“I’ve always said it, I want to see attractive football and you must risk if you want to win, you can’t just sit back and feel the goals will come, you have to enforce it which we did in the second half but unfortunately it didn’t happen. We should repeat the second half performance against South Africa in Abidjan. That will give us a positive result that will change the narrative and that’s what we want to do on Monday.”

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