‘Don’t bad-mouth your parents in the presence of your wife’

Reno Omokri


Media personality, Reno Omokri, has warned men against spreading the dirty linen of their parents in front of their wives.

He advised men not to speak ill of their parents in the presence of their wives no matter how angry they might be.

According to him, if they do, the spouses will use it against them one day.

He said in a recent tweet: “No matter how angry and disappointed you are with your parents, do not bad-mouth them to your wife.  She will listen and sympathise and may even join you to smear them. But just wait until you quarrel, and she will use what you said against you and your parents. And you will be defenseless.

“You are an extension of your parents. If you dishonour them, you dishonour yourself. And if you are discerning, you will note that no matter how angry your wife gets with her parents or siblings, she will try to protect them by not letting you know of their shortcomings. Donate some wisdom to yourself and do the same!”

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