Blogger to newly wed actress Sharon: I deeply apologise for hurting you

Sharon and husband, Ugo Nwoke

As palavers rage over recent celebrity weddings in Nigeria, popular blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus has apologised to actress Sharon Ooja for ‘hurting’ her.

She is referring to a post in which she alleged that Sharon’s husband, Ugo Nwoke, was marrying for the fourth time.

Many had criticised the post, including actress Iyabo Ayeola.

Stella has, however, apologised over this, noting (STET) : “Dear Sharon Ooja, I deeply apologise for the story on your being the 4th wife….I should not have numbered you…I do agree that it was a bad headline and it was the wrong timing… I deeply apologise for hurting you, it was not my intention and i take responsibility for my actions…I am doing this Apology because i am truly sorry.

“May the love you have found last a lifetime and may you find happiness and Joy in your marriage as every woman deserves…You are not a person trailed by scandals and i am sorry that i made that happen. We will celebrate you tomorrow and everyday… Truly sorry.”

Meanwhile, Sharon had, in an interview with ‘Bella Naija’, narrated how she met her husband:

“My love story is one that I’d say is nothing short of a miracle. I had just recovered from what I consider the worst heartbreak of my life. I was filming, and my sister mentioned that a friend wanted to speak to me. I replied that I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. Nevertheless, she gave this person my contact information, and he turned out to be innovative. I wondered who this person was.

“We probably didn’t speak as much as we should have. Months passed, and he kept trying to reach out to me. I thought, ‘This guy is persistent.’ We had many cute conversations, and one day, we talked for maybe three hours. I’m not joking; it was one of those conversations where I thought, ‘I think I like this guy.’ We dated for two and a half months, and I was engaged in the third month and married two

Sharon and hubby

months after that. I love it.”



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