Ayuba reveals biblical verse that inspired him to become a Christian

Adewale Ayuba

Bonsue fuji act, Adewale Ayuba, has identified a biblical verse that inspired him to become a Muslim.

He was born into a Musilm home, with his mother being an Alhaja – a Hadjj returnee.

Besides, most fuji artistes are Muslims because the genesis of the the genre is in the Ramadan as it evolved from ‘were’ which local artistes used to wake up Muslims for its midnight meal and prayers.

As a result, fuji greats like the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Kollignton Ayinla, Wasiu Ayinde, Saheed Osupa, Abass Obesere and Wasiu Alabi Pasuma are Muslims.

But Ayuba converted to Christianity and he has since been proclaiming Jesus although he notes that the real reason he ‘ported’ is that he does not understand Arabic and thus always had to invite others to intercede for him.

Speaking on the Teju Babyface programme on Tuesday, however, he said the New Testaent verse by Jesus Christ, about being the truth and the way, changed the game for him.

He said:

“People claim Ayuba is a Muslim. Have they seen me in the mosque? If I were practising Islam, wouldn’t someone have noticed,” he said.

“Why is this an issue? Can they let me be? They say I should pray five times daily, but I’m not. My mother is an Alhaja, and although my father never went to Mecca, we practice Islam at home.

“So, my name is Ayub, which is Job in the Bible. It’s not that being a Muslim is good or bad. When I was practising Islam, I had to call some Chief Imams and Alfas to help me talk to God because I didn’t understand Arabic.

“I then asked myself, am I going to continue this, despite all that God has done for me, needing others to intercede on my behalf?

“There isn’t an album of mine where I haven’t referenced Muslim words. We all worship God. To me, religion is akin to education.

“I chose Jesus Christ because he proclaimed, ‘I am the truth, the way, and the life’. This is my personal choice, and it brings me happiness.

“Many of my band members are Muslims, and we pray together. I was unable to attend Arabic school due to my profession. I prefer to worship where I feel closest to my God.”



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