Adìẹ òtòsì: Portable releases another video on Davido


Lasun Alagbe

When the Yoruba say ‘Ẹní gbádìẹ òtòsì, ó gbé t’aláròyé’, it seems the number one person they have in mind is controversial artiste, Portable. Just step on his restless toes and you become a ball on his rolling lips.

The proverb (Ẹní gbádìẹ òtòsì, ó gbé t’aláròyé) means whoever steals a poor man’s fowl has fallen into the trap of a talkative. He or she has turned the subject of the victim’s ranting.

The fact may have dawned on Portable’s new ‘victim’, Davido, as the street act has released another video on him over the feud that erupted from their recent honeymoon in the US.

After the initial ones in which he accused Davido of mistreating him, he on Tuesday, noted in the new video: “Davido ripped me, you invited me out for dinner, you posted me, but you didn’t give me a verse, you didn’t give me money, you just used me to trend.

“$10,000 wouldn’t have been bad if you gave me that at least.

“He said I am proud. I boarded a first-class flight to America. He didn’t give me anything, he is just flattering. He is not one of my philanthropists because he didn’t give me money.”

For now, the major step Davido has taken against Portable is unfollowing on Instagram, which infuriated the latter more.

The online outbursts, as ‘The Punch’ reported,  started when Davido called Zlatan on the phone to speak with Portable because he was with him, but Portable was not pleased with the way he was addressed by Zlatan.

He alleged that Zlatan was warning him to be careful with Davido because they are in the same confraternity that he described as “Aye,” while claiming that Zlatan had also been with Wizkid, who is in the same group as him, but he was not angry.

The Zazoo crooner warned Zlatan to desist from saying unpleasing things about him.

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