2024 Hadjj: Saudi Health Minister speaks on death of 1,301 pilgrims

The health Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Fahd al-Jalajel, has said that that 1,301 pilgrims died during the 2024 hajj.

According to him, 83 percent of the deceased made the pilgrimage without the necessary permits.

Speaking on the state television, Al-Jalajel said these unauthorised pilgrims walked long distances in intense sun.

‘Daily Trust’ quotes him as saying: “We dealt with large numbers of people affected by heat stress. Regrettably, the number of mortalities reached 1,301, with 83 percent being unauthorised to perform hajj and having walked long distances under direct sunlight, without adequate shelter or comfort,” the official Saudi Press Agency reported.

Al-Jalajel said the identities of the deceased were verified, and they were respectfully buried and honored in Mecca.


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