Warri Pikin steps out of multiple diseases after weight loss surgery

Warri Pikin

Lasun Alagbe

Lady comedian, Warri Pikin, is celebrating the first anniversary of her weight loss surgery, saying she is out of the grip of a number of diseases that confronted her.

Taking to her Instagram page, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude and shared a video documenting her remarkable weight loss journey.

She wrote: “Wow! It’s ONE YEAR already and all I feel right now is so much gratitude to God, and to everyone who supported me. Just a year ago, I was dealing with so much, from life-threatening sicknesses, to event cancellations and depression, until I decided to get a weight loss surgery.

“One year later, I am free from all the sicknesses I was diagnosed with and I am happy and healthy. I did Gastric sleeve surgery, of course e nor easy!!! I am burdened with constant heart burn, throwing up, excess skin…the entire healing process has been tough, but God has been faithful!

“I really want to appreciate my dear husband and everyone who encouraged me, stood by me and loved me through the entire journey.

Special thanks to all the people who dragged me too It all turned out good for me LOL.

“I still believe it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I can really say right now, that I’m living my best life. 
Cheers to new beginnings and good health
130kg – 83kg.”



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