The battle waged against me was existential – Fubar

Gov Simi Fubara

Governor Similayi Fubara of Rivers State has described as ‘existential’ the battle he has fought in the past months.

Although he did not define what he meant by the term, he said the wors was over for him.

The governor has been in battle with his predecessor and former godfather, Nyesom Wike, who is the minister for the Federal Capital Territory.

Meanwhile, ‘Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘existential’ as ‘relating to a philosophy (= system of ideas) according to which the world has no meaning and each person is alone and completely responsible for his or her own actions’.

Governor Fubara employed the word while presenting an Account of Stewardship and Scorecard to mark One Year Anniversary of his administration at Dr Obi Wali International Conference Centre in Port Harcourt, on Wednesday.

The Governor said: “We started this journey with a bang. We were focused. We were determined to make the change we promised with a sense of urgency.

“But then, somehow, we suddenly found ourselves in the cesspit of crisis barely three months into our tenure. It was not just an ordinary political crisis. It was a vicious existential crisis. But thank goodness, the worst is over. We have successfully defended our rights and opportunity to govern our State and advance its progress in freedom, and we will continue to prevail.”

Governor Fubara stated that since then, a lot has changed in the political landscape, adding that he remains committed to the covenant taken a year ago to put Rivers State first, defend its interest, and ensure that the people get the dividends of democracy and good governance.

He said, “For us, any government worth its name must be accountable, responsive, and responsible for the security and well-being of the people.

“Having managed the affairs of our State for one year, including dispensing public resources, it is only proper that we render account with a public presentation of our performance record.

“I am, therefore, pleased to stand before you to present our Scorecard for the first year we have been in office as the Executive arm of the Government of Rivers State.”

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