Rita Edochie responds to Yul’s allegation that Junior Pope was a betrayer


A day after actor Yul Edochie slammed just-buried colleague, Junior Pope,  saying he was a betrayer, actress and family member, Rita Edochie, has defended the deceased.

She said it was unfair not to let Pope rest in peace, saying he was no more in a position to defend himself.

Yul had claimed that Junior Pope betrayed him multiple times while he was alive, which led to his absence from the funeral.

But on her Facebook page on Tuesday, Rita Edochie said Pope was an honourable man.

She wrote, “Some things are better left unsaid, it is well. May the soul of my great son, Junior Pope, start resting, because it is glaring he hasn’t been allowed to rest since April 10 till now.

“Too saddening, there is no defence and self vindication in the grave the heart of man is like a stone, death is not even enough to soften it mana ya di ba rest on Junior Pope Nwa M.”

“In the lengthy caption that accompanied the post, Rita Edochie described Junior Pope as having an open and wonderful heart.

She added, “Hmmmmmmmm it is well oo Junior Pope my great son, Nnukwu Mmadu, Nwoke Ike, Nwoke Ma Ka Esi Anu Nwanyi, I plead on your peaceful soul to forgive whoever that is against you and has vowed not to let you rest in peace.

“I really do not understand what is going on, any truthful person that has ever had Junior Pope my great son in close contacts can attest to the fact that he has a very open and wonderful heart.

“His image was never dented in his lifetime, and never will his image be dented now that he has gone to be with the creator. start resting now my great son. It is well.”

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