Nigerian men show interest as Ooni asks her 30-year-old daughter to bring husband home

File photo: The Ooni and daughter, Adeola

The joy of every parent is to see their children get married to responsible spouses once they are ripe for it.

Perhaps mothers anticipate this more than dadies do.

For the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the story is very much the same.

He has fatherly told her daughter, Adeola, who has just turn 30 to do the needful by bringing home a husband.

This has sparked offerings by some Nigerians, who are requesting Adeola’s love, though it is not possible to yet know who is serious.

Oba Ogunwusi, in his post on Monday, prayed to God to be with his daughter and asked her to bring a man home for marriage because she was ripe for it.

As The Punch’ reports, the revered monarch reeled out his expectations to her every 10 years, saying that when she was 10, he spoke to her about school and the future, and when she turned 20, it was about listening and understanding the importance of morals and well-being. But now that she is 30, she should bring a man home for marriage.

The Ooni and Adeola

He wrote, “Princess Adeola, Aanuoluwapo, Atutunini, Bamdefe Ogunwusi, Omo Ojaja II. I am truly grateful for the fulfilling life you have lived. May God Almighty continue to be with you in all your endeavours.  Amen.

“When you turned 10, your father would talk to you about school and your future. At 20, he encouraged you to listen and understand the importance of morals and well-being, even as you sought independence.

“Now that you are 30, you are a grown woman. Your father senses that you no longer wish to be advised as independence has finally set in.

“I talked 10 to you and got your subtle independent behaviour in return. I talked 20 to you, and I still got your near-obvious independence behaviour in return. Now I’m talking 30 to a grown woman, so go and bring husband to daddy. With love from the throne of Oduduwa.

In some of the reactions greeting the plea, one user on Instagram who identified with the handle, KaybabaofHouston, said, “Daddy, please tag her. Let us begin to show our interest in her.”

ArosoIbitoye said, “Awesome! I have handsome boys here who will be willing to be inlaw to the king, sir.”

Rydow said, “Men mount. Where is her handle? I have single friends who are serious.”

“I want to marry your daughter sir,” one Ronnietthreads wrote.


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